informacje wizowe

Notification for the Visa Application

1. WMSG Committee will issue to the participants to WMSG (players, team
leaders, coaches, staff, the press, etc.) an invitation letter necessary for
the "sports visa" which is effective during the period of WMSG.
As an individual application is not accepted, respective Go Association of the
participating country/area should list up the whole applicants by using the set
application form and provide it to the WMSG later than July 31st.

You can find the application form at this address;

2. For the entry to China, other types of visa (such as business visa, multiple
visa, tourist visa, etc.) can also be approved other than sports visa. Therefore
those who already have such visa need not to newly apply for the sports visa.

3. Those who intend to stay in China before and after the period of WMSG must
obtain different types of visa personally since the sports visa is applicable
during the WMSG period only.
Wszsycy zainteresowani proszeni są PRZED próbą składania wniosku wizowego o kontakt z PSG. Wnioski muszą być składane "grupowo" poprzez Polskie Stowarzyszenie Go.